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Maybe I like being wasted by you. (15th Dec 22 at 1:44am UTC)Quote Reply
"Isn't it?"? You don't need three heads and six arms to drive. Don't worry, sister, even if my arms are disabled, I'll still send you home with my chin. “……” Jiang Huaiya wanted to speak and stopped several times, and finally gave up resistance. She lay back straight and covered her eyes tightly. "Open it.". Don't let me see you. The car smoothly merged into the evening rush hour traffic. Shanghai has been warming up recently, and the temperature is like autumn. Jiang Chao turned on the air conditioner a little, the window left a crack for her, and the gentle evening breeze blew her bangs, which soon made people fall asleep. Jiang Chao's driving skill is good, the evening rush hour, Leng is to see the needle, did not shake her. After sleeping for about half an hour, Jiang Huaiya took off her blindfold in a daze and saw the night closing like a lifetime ago. She glanced out of the window and was stunned. Had it not been for the fact that the driver was her own brother, I really suspected that it was a stolen car. Where are you going? "The Bund." "Not going home?" Jiang Huaiya frowned slightly and felt a little desperate for the younger brother. "Your sister flew for twenty hours with a connecting flight and only ate a can of noodles.". Don't you want to see what time it is and starve me to death? Jiang Chao smiled eerily: "You will understand in the past." In December, the city belongs to Santa Claus. The more prosperous the place is, the more Christmas decorations are everywhere. The moon and stars are fading, the lights are neon,push back racking system, and Jiang Huaiya leans against the window to watch quietly. This year's Bund is decorated with a huge ice crystal snowflake, hanging between the bell towers. No matter from which corner, you can see the clear frost, as if it were another star in the night sky. Cities are always fascinated by the old and the new, and they are always happy to decorate themselves. Just like her dad. Jiang Huaiya walked into the bar under Uncle Qin's name, and the lights,asrs warehouse, like the tide, went out layer by layer from her feet. The room was empty, except for a light on the deepest stage, which was left to the violinist and the orchestra behind him to play a famous deln song. She recognized that the player in a white dress was her cousin, Gu Youyou. She's like a Cinderella who strayed into a concert. At the end of the song, Gu Youyou put down his bow and came with a long skirt to embrace her. Jiang Huaiya's face was still cold, and she felt the temperature of her face, which was warm. Gu Youyou sneered in her ear and said, "Welcome home, little rabbit." Jiang Huaiya hugged her slender bones and looked around quietly in the dark, frowning with a wry smile: "When can my father get rid of this pompous problem?" Playing the violin in a bar? How could he think of that? Gu Youyou raised his eyebrows regretfully: "You can't blame him for that.". My cousin has little talent and learning, so she can only do this. This sentence is completely modest. Her cousin is a little famous pianist, teardrop pallet racking ,automated warehouse systems, and the violin is just her hobby. Since she married a German the year before last, Jiang Huaiya has seen her more in the news than in reality. As to why she didn't play the piano, she soon got the answer. There was a violent sound of drums, and all the neon lights poured down on her. It was followed by a dense drum beat, and a deafening rock song sounded in the enclosed space. Jianghuai Yi is like a young rock musician, bending his knees slightly and leaning back, indulging in dismantling a seven-figure piano. Sometimes she always felt that her father's vitality was inexhaustible, recharging with double-digit anti-aging skin care products lined up on his commode. How can you be so out of tune all your life? After a song, she was a little worried that the keys would fall apart. All the idle people retreated, and she saw her mother and Uncle Qin waiting for her at the table. Jiang Huaiyi quickly sat down beside her mother and waved to her: "What are you waiting for? Come to dinner." Gu Youyou took her arm and led her forward. Jiang Huaiya crustily skin of head sits in the past, complain: "You are urging me to come back, for this?" Jianghuai is easy to eat a cold meal with a fork: "Is this not good?"? What a New Year's atmosphere. She murmured in a low voice, "There is still half a month to go before the New Year …" Her father frowned at once and said seriously, "What are you talking about?" Jiang Huaiya said weakly:.. No "Call Dad." "Dad.." Jianghuai Yi beamed, said "good", and then concentrated on chatting with her mother, ignoring her. Anyway, she's just a cover for him to have a childish party.
Jiang Huaiya has long been used to it and buried himself in filling his stomach. A few minutes later, her aunt's family and Nie Feichi's parents arrived. A table entered the rhythm of conversation among the close friends of the previous generation, and several of their younger generations only had the share of eating food in silence. Jiang Huaiya, who was usually active, was unusually silent because she could not stand Aunt Xie's intentional or unintentional glance. Only Jiang Chao is particularly keen on this kind of family dinner with a large table of people, with a disabled arm to act well, mixed in a group of elders like a fish in water, both sides. Jiang Chao is really the glue of their weird family. After dinner, Gu Youyou and she drank wine at the bar and came to this conclusion with Jiang Huaiya. The two sisters took refuge in a corner and talked without a word. Gu Youyou asked, "Aunt Xie, they are all here. Why didn't Nie Feichi come?" Jiang Huaiya answered, "I don't know.". Isn't he always like this? The parties in the past few years, usually with her without him, with him without her, touch the above number can be counted on one's fingers, she has no impression. I don't know if he did it on purpose. Gu Youyou looked at her quietly. Jiang Huaiya has never been a person who likes to hide his emotions, and everything is written on his face frankly. Her mind can hide from Jiang Chao, whose nerves are thicker than wooden sticks, but she can't hide from Gu Youyou, who is as careful as hair. Cousins are nine years apart, and Gu Youyou is half an elder. She didn't pierce anything and took a sip of wine. But Jianghuai Yi is different. He didn't treat himself as an elder at all. On the way home, he took Jiang Huaiya's arm and sat in the back row. His eyes were blurred with drunkenness. He said,metal racking systems, "Little rabbit, why can't you live up to your reputation and find a fresh man?"? These people at the dinner table every year are boring. Regret again: "Alas, their home does not have a younger sister to play for Jiang Chao again..." Jiang Huaiya stiffened to listen to his gibberish and gradually tasted it.
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