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Lei Wu nine days (15th Dec 22 at 1:50am UTC)Quote Reply
After a moment's silence, Li Yun said in a hoarse voice, "Of course, if you still want to gain something from this medium-sized demon cave, I think it's better for you to work together.". So many warriors are not terrible, with the three of us, I dare not come to provoke without opening my eyes. The imperial ice cloud is noncommittal to Li Yun's words, the beautiful eye is searching everywhere, wants to find Fang Mu's figure. Unfortunately, Fang Mu had already left here, how could she find it? A touch of disappointment emerged from the bottom of her heart, and she said lightly, "Now that I have come.". You can't go home empty-handed. Brother Li is right. With the cultivation of the three of us, none of the warriors present is an opponent, even if we can't grab the whole medium-sized demon cave. In the end, we will get more than half of it! Zhao Qingfeng proposed to part ways, just to test two people, he was afraid to see such a scene, two people frustrated to quit. Hear two people say so at this moment, comely face shows a touch of fierce: "Why don't we kill these people first?" As soon as this remark was made, not only the emperor Bingyun was dumbfounded, but even Li Yun, who had always killed people without blinking an eye,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, shook his head in horror and said, "Brother Zhao, this road is absolutely impassable!" How many of the warriors who can participate in the royal city have no background? Nearly two hundred warriors. [] Even if it represents only a part of the power in the royal city, it is enough to make people feel frightened. Although the power of three people in the royal city can be said to be one of the best, can kill so many people in one breath, I am afraid the family or clan can not protect. Li Yun didn't expect Zhao Qingfeng to be so crazy. The fog of blood billowed and stepped back to distance itself from him. Emperor Bingyun looked coldly at Zhao Qingfeng and said in a deep voice, "Now that we have decided to cooperate, Brother Zhao is so tentative.". Is it interesting? Even if the two of us agree with your idea, Bingyun doesn't believe that you,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, a second-rate family, dare to provoke so many forces? After all, she was a figure cultivated by the imperial family, and she heard Zhao Qingfeng's proposal. Only slightly stunned, he had already reacted. Zhao Qingfeng rubbed his hands and said with a smile, "To tell you the truth.". I really want to kill all these people. It's a pity that unless I'm crazy about losing, I can't think about it. I dare not do it. Only then did Li Yun react. Zhao Qingfeng's murderous proposal just now was just to test the two of them. He couldn't help saying angrily, "Zhao Qingfeng, what do you mean?" As Huang Bingyun said, since we have decided to continue to cooperate, there is really no need to test. "Brother Li, Miss Bingyun, what Zhao said just now is to test your bottom line, but more is to tell you that if you really want to plot this medium-sized demon cave, then you must have a conflict with these warriors!"! Where do we go from here? Should we kill them all, or should we make a concession and give them some of the profits? It can be seen that his expression is quite contradictory and tangled, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, apparently unwilling to share out what he has gained. Emperor Bingyun frowned, she had long been aware of this problem, so she had been thinking, but also clear about the meaning of Zhao Qingfeng's words. What he meant was not that he wanted to monopolize this medium-sized demon cave. There were so many warriors present that even if three people wanted to monopolize it, it was absolutely impossible. However, if the profit is divided, how many demon cores can each of the two hundred warriors get? In this way, it is better to leave and hunt monsters alone, which is much richer than attacking this medium-sized demon cave. What's more, in the medium-sized demon cave, I don't know how many strong demons, three people spend all their efforts, if the harvest is very little, is it not worth the loss! She thought for a long time, but finally shook her head and said, "It's impossible to divide. There are so many warriors, and only one medium-sized demon cave. How can they be divided?" Li Yun was also helpless. "Brother Zhao," he hissed, "if you have any good suggestions, you might as well put them forward." Zhao Qingfeng asked this question for the purpose of throwing out his own plan. Hearing that neither of them had a good idea, he said with a smile, "Brother Li's guess is right. Zhao really has a suggestion." He glanced at the two of them with a solemn expression and said in a deep voice, "With the three of us, we can kill all the monsters in this demon cave, but I'm afraid we'll have to pay a lot of price.".
Besides, so many warriors are also a big problem. We can't always contribute to their profits! With a sullen face, Li Yun said impatiently, "Brother Zhao has something to say. Miss Bingyun and I both know that." Zhao Qingfeng smiled and said with a smile, "My idea is like this. There are so many warriors, and there must be strong and weak. Although their cultivation and fighting power are not as good as ours, after all, they are experienced strong men who have been fighting all the year round.". If we unite some of the highest people to form a temporary alliance and drive out the weak together, even the forces behind them will not dare to have any opinions at that time, will they? This plan is very simple, nothing more than a combination of vertical and horizontal. Three people are strong, even without the help of others, also have enough strength to clear the field. But if this is done, it will certainly arouse public indignation, once the forces behind so many warriors unite to exert pressure, even if they are the people in the family to cultivate. I can't take it. But once you do it according to Zhao Qingfeng's idea, it will be different. Unite a small part of the warriors present, who are the highest in cultivation, and work together to drive out the weak. Even if it arouses public indignation, it is no longer the three people who bear the pressure, but all the warriors. Zhao Qingfeng is a good means to unite the strong and the weak. Emperor class ice cloud and Li Yun a listen to already react to come over, can not help but applaud for his means, in the heart but also secretly a little more on guard. Zhao Qingfeng was famous for being cunning and changeable among the younger generation in Wangcheng, so when he first met him. Even Li Yun was not angry with him. Don't get out of the way, and in the end, be sold and help him count the money. With this in mind, the two of them looked at each other. Nodded tacitly. Zhao Qingfeng has been paying attention to their look, see the heart secretly sneer unceasingly,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, this pair of dog men and women, as expected hooked up together. Although I don't understand why the beautiful girl of the grand family would be in collusion with the notorious Red Hand Li Yun. But since it is certain that they are colluding with each other, we have to take some precautions in advance.
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