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The ink snake is crazy (15th Dec 22 at 1:52am UTC)Quote Reply
Leng Hongxiu, where can you find him like this? The world is so big, since that woman dares to deal with Senluo alone, it shows that she is not sure of victory, at least she has eight points in her heart. Now that Luo is missing, I don't know how many miles away he has been captured. You are looking for him so blindly. When do you want to find him? It seems to be really can't keep him, cloud sun's heart is full of gloom, in the heart of the day constantly left and right, he is not without thought, with his identity when the nine princes, if forced to use tough means, Leng Hongxiu to house arrest in their own house, is not too difficult, but, really successful house arrest him, then how to do? Could it be that he was forced to face his cold eyes like an ice arrow? He is not shameless to that extent, not to mention between men and men, such feelings, it is too shocking, not to mention that Leng Hongxiu now does not like him at all, even if he likes himself a little bit, he has to take into account the royal decency, how can it be said that he lost his manners? So it must be impossible, not to mention, what he wants is Leng Hongxiu to have the same mind for himself, not to get his body. After all, desire is too superficial to maintain the relationship between two people to a long-term point, only the feelings are relatively strong. Have to say, the cloud sun theory is undoubtedly right,outdoor hot tub, such an idea used in other men and women, are very applicable, but he obviously forgot to estimate is cold tea or, Senluo, their character is doomed to their relationship with each other, must not be from the emotional development first, let alone with feelings to maintain, they are really from each other's body desire, they are not. Began to trigger the next endless tangled relationship. So his thoughts were completely wasted. "That's my business, and I dare not worry about the nine princes." Naturally,5 person hot tub, she would not blindly look for it. At least she knew the general direction and the person she was looking for. Now she only hoped that the name'sweet potato 'would not be a fake name. Otherwise, even if she knew that she was going to go to the country of the moon, it would not be easy to find a woman who only knew her name in the vast continent. Hong Xiu, do you really want to treat me so mercilessly? At least an acquaintance, I tell you this matter, but also just worry, that's all, since you really insist on going to find that Senluo, put aside my resentment with him, for your sake, I can not help you find, only hope that you do not treat me so cold, I cherish the acquaintance with you, selfishly treat you as my good friend, although you may not think so. But there's really no need to keep people away, is there? Cold tea was already a mask frost expression, after listening to his words earnestly, finally a little ease, looking at the eyes of the cloud sun is no longer like an arrow of ice, "cloud nine, indoor endless pool ,hot tub wholesale, I appreciate your kindness, Senluo that day impolite to you, I apologize to you on his behalf, as for the matter of looking for him, it will be done by me alone." If there is a chance to come back to Rishengguo in the future, I will certainly not forget to come here to see you. This time this word, already is cold tea to say the most is kind words, but listen to in the ears of cloud sun is like a bolt from the blue, "Leng Hongxiu, you want to leave the country?" "Well, I'm going to the moon country in the western continent." "Leng Hongxiu does not hide from him, if there is no accident, today is the last time they meet." Why go to the western continent, where it is cold and chaotic, and now at a time of domestic unrest, let alone "" Cloud sun has tens of millions of worries, all kinds of do not feel at ease want to say to cold tea, also expect her to change her mind, but cold tea but feel delayed here too much time, has been impatient to listen to him continue to nag.
Almost immediately over his body, he stepped on the steps to the gate of the hospital. At the same time, he said with a faint sense of alienation, "Yun Jiu, I appreciate your kindness. I have long planned to go to the country. Now that Senluo's whereabouts are unknown, I naturally can't stay here. You don't have to say more. You can continue to be your nine royal Highnesses and live a lively life in the past!" This time, the cloud sun did not stop her again, but watched the cold tea disappear in his line of sight, some lost their souls back to the hall alone, dejected after sitting down in the armchair, there are some do not understand, obviously imagine that it is a good ending, how to make it like this? Leng Hongxiu, did he just leave? But also for the evil of Senluo? Yun Riyang did not understand that he, who had always been eloquent, was not convincing enough this time, or that he had not made the seriousness of the matter clear at all, so that after listening to Leng Hongxiu, he did not give birth to the fact that Senluo and himself were not a species? What to do? Do you just give up and watch Leng Hongxiu leave the city of the sun, or even leave the rising sun and go to the moon? However, if you don't want him to leave, how can you keep him who is determined to leave? Did you really send someone to search for Senluo and send him back to Leng Hongxiu intact? Just think so, the cloud sun in the heart felt a pain, in his heart the senluo thousands of cuts are not enough, now he is an unknown woman away, do not know whether to live or die, can not be disobeyed, in his heart, happy and schadenfreude is accounted for the majority, only a small part of the remaining, but also regret if senluo died in the hands of others, The humiliation he suffered could not be avenged and returned to him. So now for the sake of Leng Hongxiu, he had to find the evil spirit he hated to the bone safely. Yun Riyang was reluctant to think about it. For a while, he had to clench his fist and sit in a chair, unable to make up his mind for a long time. And left the nine palace cold tea, but half a moment did not hesitate, almost with the shortest time, back to the house, untie the bun, long hair, take off the men's clothes, for a set of ordinary women's clothes, and slightly with Rouge and eyebrow pencil uglify her own after a few minutes, this just back up early packed up the bundle,massage bathtub manufacturers, secretly go out, to the direction of the city gate, Trying to get out of town at the last minute. Chapter 026 the world is small.
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