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Sheng Chong Nu Guan by Han Hua Yi Meng (15th Dec 22 at 1:57am UTC)Quote Reply
Threatened not to sleep elsewhere, Ah Hao had to turn out the extra quilt and make a bed on the floor. During this period of time, her life and rest were very regular, and tonight she was sleepy until late at night. Despite knowing from the bottom of his heart that it was impossible for Zhang Yu to recuperate in Jingyun Nunnery, Ah Hao still had a little luck, hoping that he would stay for one night at most and leave. Zhang Yu looked at Ah Hao coldly and went to sleep on the floor, without considering the possibility of resting with him, even in the same bed and covering each other with a quilt, which was very annoying. He got out of bed with a calm face, fished Ah Hao out of bed and threw him directly on the bed. Although it was a floor bed, Ah Hao did not dislike or feel uncomfortable, so he soon fell asleep with a soft pillow. Suddenly was picked up by Zhang Yu and was sent to bed, Ah Hao suddenly woke up. Before struggling to sit up, Zhang Yu had followed her back to the bed, held her in his arms, and then reached out and pulled the quilt to cover them. The whole process is particularly completed at one go. A Hao was held tightly by him, not only unable to move, but also some breathing is not smooth, very uncomfortable. One side wants to let Zhang Yu loosen her, one side wants to take care of the wound on his body, a good dare not move too much and have no influence on Zhang Yu. She could only say, "Your Majesty." The maidservant is out of breath. Hearing this, Zhang Yu still hesitated for a moment before releasing her slightly,Alumina Ceramic C795, and if Ah Hao moved, he would put him firmly in front of his chest. Good was forced to give up the struggle, trying to reason with Zhang Yu, who did not seem to be willing to reason at the moment. Your Majesty, you have a wound in the waist. "Mmm." "Your Majesty, you have a wound in the waist." Good repeated what he had just said and said, "It's not suitable to have too much movement. It's easy to pull the wound carelessly." She looked up at Zhang Yu and sincerely advised him. Zhang Yu lowered his eyes and looked at her by the moonlight from the window. After that incident, I haven't held her well for more than two months, nor have I looked at her well. Although it is not as exaggerated as Zhang said,ceramic bobbin heater core, it is indeed thinner, and it is not as soft as before. This small person is even smaller, always feel that this face is not as big as their own palm. The things that used to be annoying became more and more clear in the cold war with her again and again. It was his behavior that frightened her, not her fault. If he hadn't done that, she wouldn't have been plagued by nightmares and sleepless nights. In fact, those could have been easily resolved, but he stubbornly refused to bow his head. Knowing that she was always afraid, frightened and uneasy, she still could not let go of her posture. Knowing that she was in pain, she always held back, hoping that she would come to beg herself first. Song Shuhao who can do that is not Song Shuhao. A good see Zhang Yu looks at oneself unexpectedly to start to be stupefied, can't help hanging down the head, but instead more and more buried the face to his chest. She slightly opened the distance between the two, a movement, Zhang Yu took her back, but the hand fell restlessly on her back, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and then down, eventually stopped on her waist. Feeling what was hot in his lower body, Ah Hao, who knew what was going on, froze and did not dare to move at all. Zhang Yu also noticed Ah Hao's stiffness, but bent the corners of his mouth. Reach out to hold up a good face gently, and then to her moist eyes, and feel that she is so innocent and indifferent, but more attractive than usual. Zhang Yu only felt moved and kissed her lips unbearably. The sweet taste that he had not seen for a long time made his heart swing, but his movements became gentle. Although he was forced to bear the attack from Zhang Yu, Ah Hao also found that he still did not resist any intimate contact with him, and even some could not resist the refusal. The only thing I feel is that in such a place. Isn't that a little disrespectful? Just thinking about it, suddenly there was a slight coolness on his body, and Ah Hao realized that most of his loose clothes had been taken off by Zhang Yu. Suddenly realized that he almost sank down like this and what happened to him, a good two hands to Zhang Yu chest, in an attempt to resist. Zhang Yu did not give her a chance to resist, and he tied Ah Hao's hands with one hand alone. Turning over again, he pressed Ah Hao under his body again, not caring that his waist had just been injured. With a smile in his eyes, he looked at the disheveled and slightly panting person under his body, and could not bear to embrace her and kiss her lovely ear tip.
A good hears Zhang Yu to call her in the ear again and again, as if to make up for what has not been called for such a long time. He kept calling in her ear, "Ah well, Ah well, Ah well." So gentle, but also with an indescribable, indescribable attachment. All of a sudden, Zhang Yu took a pair of very serious eyes to look at, a good at a loss. The next moment was caught off guard to hear him say such a sentence in a very solemn tone, and tears accumulated in Ah Hao's eyes in an instant. Seeing her tears, Zhang Yu felt distressed and went up to kiss the tears on Ah Hao's face, but finally felt relieved. Just did not think of, a good unexpectedly take the initiative to embrace him, kiss on his lips, Zhang Yu's corner of the eyes and eyebrows are infected with a smile. He responded to Ah Hao's slightly shy and green movements, and his heart was full. Must have this life, no longer miss, there is no luckier than this. ยท The next day, when Zhang Yu woke up, it was already bright. How long had he not had such a good sleep? He himself did not remember. Although Ah Hao was not around, he was not in a hurry or worried. Zhang Yu got up for a moment, heard the sound of birds outside, went to the window, and saw Ah Hao, still dressed in loose blue clothes, standing on tiptoe with scissors to cut a bunch of green grapes hanging on the vine. The trellis was a little higher, but she tried very hard not to give up easily. Zhang Yu smiled and was about to go out to help, but Ah Hao noticed him first and turned to him with a sweet smile. Zhang Yu was in a trance for a moment, and somehow he remembered that the only time he had been to Jingyun Nunnery in the past, he had met a little girl like a Jasper grape. In fact, the memory has long been blurred, only this moment to remember. He thought again that Ah Hao had said that she was indeed in Jingyun Nunnery at that time. Could it be that the little girl at that time was Ah Hao? Zhang Yu had never thought in this direction,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, and now he suddenly had this idea in his mind, and then linked to what Ah Hao had said, the more he felt it was the same thing.
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