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Deceased System _ 20200215155726. (15th Dec 22 at 2:00am UTC)Quote Reply
"What is the situation?"? Isn't the strong man in the rising period on the side of the Sun Country? Chu Tianming secretly wondered, "I won't be too late!" In the meeting room of Mingyang Base City in the distance, people thought that the masterpieces of Sun Country Base City below were all done by Chu Tianming, and for a moment their hearts trembled. At this moment, the picture suddenly appeared a little eye-catching light, the light flashed away, instantly appeared in the opposite of Chu Tianming. It's you! Chu Tianming looked at the man in surprise, "I didn't expect us to meet so soon!" It was none other than Lin Junyi, who had just been separated, who appeared in front of Chu Tianming. Don't come unharmed! Lin Junyi smiled and threw away a broken samurai sword in his hand, "I guess you will come here today, is it still let your smart base city take pictures here?" Chu Tianming did not deny it and nodded gently. Pretty good Chu Tianming smiled, "your purpose should be to defeat me here!"! In this case, you Lin Junyi's fame, but all of a sudden can suppress all the powerful zombies. Lin Junyi smiled and shrugged his shoulders noncommittally. Chapter 424 a word, scare away Lin Junyi! Thanks to the reader brother and vice moderator, the drunken God only cast two monthly tickets. At the end of the month,warehousing storage solutions, Mi Sha urgently asked for a monthly ticket. Like last month, there will be an outbreak on the 31st of the month. Please be sure to support! ... "So all this was premeditated by you?" Chu Tianming looked pointedly at the razed base city below. You guessed it! Lin Junyi looked at Chu Tianming with a smile. "I heard a month ago that you were going to have a meeting, and I knew my chance had come.". A month's time, enough to make me stronger, now I am not the original me! Chu Tianming looked up and down at him and found that Lin Junyi's cultivation had broken through to the middle stage of soaring, and had completely stabilized the realm. Such strength was indeed enough for him to be proud. What a pity! Such strength in Chu Tianming's eyes is still not enough to see, not to mention his progress in this month,heavy duty cantilever racks, just a month ago, he is not at this time Lin Junyi can fight. However, Lin Junyi himself did not know all this, and he did not have such detection as Chu Tianming, nor would he have some magic to peep at each other's actual situation, relying only on the perception of the realm. And Chu Tianming's realm just broke through to the early stage of soaring half a month ago, so it's normal for Lin Junyi to find him confidently. Chu Tianming, in fact, originally I did not care about you such a background without background, to be backed by the mountain by the mountain of human beings, but your growth is too surprising to me, your strength has completely threatened my position. I want what I want. You must die! Lin Junyi's face showed a trace of ferocious s sè, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty metal racks, "we could have been friends, but unfortunately you took the wrong first step, so you are doomed to come to this point today!" Chu Tianming smiled without a word, and he didn't take Lin Junyu's arrogant words to heart at all. But Lin Junyi's words, but let the other people watching all this can not help but worry about Chu Tianming, whether it is the people of Mingyang Base City, or those heads of state, at this time they are not looking at their own interests. It is for the benefit of the entire human race. The other side is a zombie, which Chu Tianming pointed out early in the morning, if Chu Tianming, the recognized strongest human died in the hands of this zombie, then their human end will be far behind? I can't believe it. What kind of treatment will the human beings who have lost Chu Tianming receive? They have even thought of the scene that they will be kept in the pigsty in the future, which makes all the people shudder. In the picture, opposite Lin Junyi's Chu Tianming did not look timid at all, but they were still worried. At this moment, he suddenly found that the original human beings have been inseparable from Chu Tianming, because he is recognized as the strongest of all mankind, his rise and fall represents the rise and fall of the entire human collective, unless one day another human can replace him to stand at this height. Otherwise, human beings can't lose Chu Tianming.
… .. "Are you so confident that you can beat me?" Chu Tianming looked at him with a smile. "If you lose, I'm afraid you'll never be able to stand up again!" Lin Chun-yi sneered a few times. Do you think these words can frighten me? Lin Junyi sneered, "tell you, today I will kill you here, here is your burial place!" Chu Tianming looked at him angrily and laughingly. You went to great lengths to find the people of the Sun Country to support them, so that they would not come to my meeting, in order to bring me here. And then kill me in front of everyone! Chu Tianming repeated Lin Junyi's idea, "The plan is good, but the ending is doomed to be very different from your imagination. It's not me who will die here today.". It's you! As soon as the eyebrows are raised, there is a sense of solipsism. Dominate the world's momentum, suddenly enveloped this space. Under this momentum, the momentum of Lin Junyi's soaring period is simply vulnerable, directly shattered by a blow, the momentum of terror, Lin Junyi's awkward bow, a delicate face, tight and completely distorted. Impossible! How can you be so powerful? Lin Junyi couldn't believe it. "You lied to me!"! You must be lying to me! Chu Tianming looked at him lightly, stretched out his hand, and the red sword suddenly appeared in his hand. You think I'm lying to you? Chu Tianming thrust out a sword. 'Poof! ' The cold light of the sword pierced Lin Junyi's collarbone directly and opened a small hole in his body. Do you still think I'm lying to you? Lin Junyi turned his head in disbelief and looked at the wound on his body, and immediately let out a heart-rending scream. Ah Twisting his body crazily and spreading his long hair,industrial racking systems, Lin Junyi suddenly changed from a gentle scholar to a ferocious devil. Chu Tianming! I'll kill you! Kill you! Crazy to enhance their own momentum, soaring for the middle of the repair, unexpectedly faintly broke through the opportunity.
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